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De nicaieri by a14onymus

I love the depth you have created with the echoing door frames in the image. It really draws the viwer's attention and creates a sense ...


I have finally decided to translate my French thriller into the common language. It's a little tricky to find good equivalents for the words and phrases sometimes, so bear with me. It'll probably sound a bit clumsy :P. And be prepared for some melodrama! I couldn't help chuckling to myself as I wrote it ;P. It's just so intense and stereotypical!

Here's the original:

  I first wrote this for a school assignment; I had to write a creative piece of 120-150 words in French on the topic:

     "Tu te réveilles..." (Où? Quand? Qu'est-ce qui se passe?)

So here's the translation! ~

  Tick, tick, tick, goes the clock. My eyes fly open. The clock? I ask myself. I don't have a clock in my bedroom!

  "So, you are finally awake," says a sinister voice. It's a man dressed all in black, seated in a corner of the room. I shiver and raise myself from the bed.

  "Who is it?" I ask. He starts to approach and I shrink away, but the wall stops me. I am trapped.

  "You will know soon enough," is his enigmatic reply. Then he seizes me and carries me I know not where. What happened? What did I do? I ask myself desperately. I can see nothing and I cannot cry out - I'm too afraid. I wait in silence. I can hear his laboured breathing and his weighted footsteps. Then we stop. Why? The fear grows in my heart.

  We have entered a large chamber, spacious and full of brilliant lights. The man makes me sit in a chair in the middle of the room and strides across the floor. I watch him with a quickened heartbeat drumming in my ears. Finally he turns to face me and poses this question:

  "Do you know why you are here?" Before I can reply, he goes on. "You are here because of one person, and one person only," - he pauses for effect - "- you." I try to protest but he continues. "We are not an amazing organisation, it is true, but when certain young people -" - he looks at me meaningfully - "- interfere in our affairs, we will not be very friendly towards these young people." He gives an evil laugh.

  I shiver again and wrap my arms around me, but it isn't cold. I know that I should run, but I'm paralysed. Suddenly, the door opens. A man enters, carrying some electrical equipment. I fly from the chair and run past him, out into the corridor beyond.

  There is a crowd of closed doors and I don't know what to do! I can hear cries and heavy footsteps behind me. Quickly, I decide - the door on the right. I open it and then I see it - the open window. No time for thought - I get there and leap out. Falling, falling, falling - there are a hundred floors. The earth rises to accelerate my death...

  I awake, panting. It was a dream, I assure myself. Only a dream. I heave a sigh of relief. Suddenly I give a start, for a certain sound reaches my ears. Tick, tick, tick, goes the clock. And when I turn around, I see a man seated in a corner of the room - a man dressed all in black.

Fin  (The End.)

So, what did you think?

Un peu mélodramatique, non? ;P

I don't usually write like this, but it was fun to be a little melodramatic for once, haha..


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